Others tell you HOW, but Silas explores WHY….

Welcome to the world of Silas Sativarius!

In this site, renowned indoor horticulture expert Silas Sativarius will share with you the state-of-the-art techniques and equipment used by expert growers for optimizing indoor growing environments, as well as provide easy to understand technical explanations into how plant biology works.  Don’t just take the product manufacturers word that various products will improve your yield, read our articles and you will begin understand WHY, and you can better judge for yourself.

In our on-going articles, Silas will cover a wide range of topics in indoor horticulture including:

– The science of all aspects of Plant Biology.  We will leave no stone unturned and soon you will understand this plant better than your yourself.

– Environmental Controls and systems design and operation

– Pests, diseases and ways to better avoid and control them.

– New product reviews and test results.

– Industry news, useful legal info, and general industry advice.

– Tips and tricks for unreal yields.

To those who GROW,  we SALUTE YOU!


7 thoughts on “Others tell you HOW, but Silas explores WHY….”

  1. Hi Silas,
    Thank you very much for your informative articles.
    I am a little confused by two different things I read. In one article I understood that in a hydroponic system ( non soil) , while in flowe, the ph should be no lower than 5.7 and no higher than 6.0. Starting of at 6.0 till the third week and then gradually dropping to 5.8. You say the lower ph will cause yellowing of the leaves but that doesn’t matter, cause it’s more important for the plant to be able to uptake phosphorus ( than stay green)
    In another article I read that the green leaves are very important thru the entire grow stage ( the motor of the plant) and to avoid yellowing, because yellowing of the plant will reduce resin production and won’t allow the flower to become fragrant. The yellowing in that article was caused thru excessive flushing.
    Did I misunderstand something?! Does low ph (5.8) cause yellowing? Do you want to keep your plant green throughout?
    Best, Stefan


    1. Hi Stephan,

      Yellowing of the larger sun leaves is normal and good because you are minimizing the Nitrogen in your PPM. Frankly I have had excellent results both with green to the end and yellow. In effect yellowing the leaves is a kind of pre-cure, and if the plant chlorophyll fades to yellow in the sun leaves and pale green in the buds, the buds will smoke smoother. That is why flushing improves taste, NOT because it reduces free minerals in the plant. That was the point of the article.. So the last couple weeks it’s ok to starve the plant of nitrogen a little to the point of yellowing sun leaves and fading chlorophyll, but you DO NOT want to reduce the Phosphorus/Potassium, and a little sulphur. Most of the other minerals are not really important in the end so I usually reduce my base nute amount significant;y That way you can reduce your total ppm a little the last 2 weeks to minimize salt production which is the BIG problem at the end. And still Pump the Phosphorus / potassium!!!


    2. Hi Stefan, yes that is a kind of contradiction, I apologize for the confusion. This approach is intended to maximize resin production and slightly pre-cure the plant which makes for excellent quality. But if you are looking for just maximum yield, it can be argued that keeping the plant healthy and green right to the end is best. AS with most things in growing plants everything is a trade-off, and ideals can be elusive.. The yellowing (pre-cure) can be accomplished in the drying process, but pushing the phosphorus to me is critical and with hydro I always dropped the PH at the end. But now that I grow pure organic I do not.
      I wish there was a concrete answer, but really both are true, just for different goals..


      1. Thank you for that. And by the way, I believe in your system. I keep reading your articles and find the information the best available. I’m a big fan of dropping the ph to the 5.8 level by the way . Mostly because it works. The resin production is unbelievable amongst other benefits
        Please keep up the educating
        Best, Stefan


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