Very low level UVB supplementation prevents MOLD in Strawberries…

To all my peeps, who missed me recently, Silas had to take a vacation. But I’m back and with a vengeance! And here is a topic very near and extremely un-dear to my heart. Namely, Mold.  Mold is like an STD–lot’s of people get it, but nobody wants to talk about it.

SO here is a study about using UVB LED’s to prevent mold in strawberries!  Us cannabis cultivators know all to well that mold, especially Botrytus, aka bud mold,  can be a BIG problem and solutions can be complicated and/or toxic.  But I am excited to know that my California LightWorks SF440 LED’s have 30 WATTS each of mercury-vapor based UVB supplementation, (far more than you could ever get affordably with LED’s,)  so not only do I get the energy savings and increased THC levels, but I also could get Mold prevention!!!

And for those of you who say “but Silas, the bud mold grows inside the bud, where the UVB won’t reach,” I say, yes, but the spores (said with a Fargo accent) got’s ta get theere through the aair, and that’s where we fry em’ with the UVB.

I’m STOKED!!!  That’s 60 watts of UVB per 4’x4′ tray with 2 – SS440’s!!  Hell you can probably get a tan while you water!  And while Mercury Vapor is not all that efficient at producing visible light, it’s REAL efficient at producing UVB!  Historically,  I have only run the UVB lamps during the ripening phase to stimulate THC production, but I think I will try to use them more often as a test for mold prevention.

It’s been an unusually humid summer this year in So Cal., so I will be watching the mold and mildew situation VERY carefully, and I will avoid other preventive measures just to see whether the UVB might just be enough on it’s own. And I will keep all you SS peeps posted!

To those who grow we salute you!!